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Combo dinner
2 pcs Chicken , 3 butterflied fried shrimp and 1 battered cod filet with homemade side, served with cocktail and tartar sauce


Scallop Dinner
12 pcs breaded Sea Scallops with choice of homemade side


7 pc Butterfly shrimp dinner
breaded butterflied shrimp...served with homemade side and cocktail sauce


Fried Clam dinner
lightly seasoned fried sweet clam strips with homemade side


Fish'n Chip dinner
3 pcs battered fish (Cod) and chips (or choice of side) served with tartar sauce


BBQ Rib Dinner
4 pcs BBQ pork ribs with choice of side


Breaded flounder dinner
2 pc breaded flounder (4 oz each) with choice of homemade side


Seafood Dinner
Breaded flounder filet, 3 shrimp and fried clam strips with choice of homamade side and cocktail/tartar sauce


Steak Dinner
approx 8 oz flame grilled skirt steak with potato or choice of side, biscuit and green salad


2 piece Chicken cuitlet dinner


Chicken and Rib dinner
2 pcs chicken and 3 ribs with side


4 pc Chicken Dinner
breast wing thigh and leg with choice homemade side and dinner roll


X-tra Condiments Upon Request
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